About me.
I have a background in Fine Illustration and a BFA in Fine Arts. I am a self-taught artist and designer but initially had schooling in the specialized maths and sciences at the Bronx High School of Science in New York from where I graduated, and then attended Pharmacology at St. John’s University. It was not a good fit at the time so I switched to Fine Arts, and also studied at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary. I vascillate between the sciences and art but I do hold a personal conviction that the two disciplines share more than most might believe.

With a Minor in English, I worked in Publishing for awhile, as a Projects Coordinator for Lucas-Evans Book Packagers (the “Evans” part being the surname of Dilys Evans--the founder of The Society of Illustrators in New York) and as an Editorial Assistant at Harcourt Brace & Co. In this atmosphere I had the privilege of working with well-known illustrators, painters and authors, as a proxy art director and editor. I even received a starred review in Publishers Weekly for a book I edited.

I then taught myself computer graphics and coding and moved on to freelance work. I have created websites and designed ads for The United States Tennis Association US Open, including some mini-sites for sponsors such as Lincoln Towncars. I have also designed websites for A&E.com and had a brief stint with MTV. At some point I acquired a position at World Wrestling Entertainment—formerly World Wrestling Federation—as Senior Web Designer. Responsibilities included creating WWE magazine ads for WWE internet sites and events, creating and coding company holiday greeting cards in Adobe Flash, in-house websites for talent such as The Rock (Dwayne Johnson), Chyna, Triple H, Degeneration X (Jeff and Matt Hardy), and also minisites for the Sales Office’s sponsors featuring the latest movies, products, and books from companies such as Nintendo, XBox, Universal Pictures, etc. I was also responsible for creating many of the monthly PPV websites, including the WrestleMania websites for four straight years.

My services. 
I am creatively elastic depending on the clients' needs -- front end 2D website design, graphics, logos, ads, business cards, business stationery, invitations, posters, tattoo designs, menus, fliers and more. I have even designed the exterior of a food truck! If you have a unique need, please ask (such as photo retouching, photo repair, unique digital art). However, with the advent of the ubiquitous website generators and templates, I am no longer coding websites so I do not provide back end development. I would, however, have no problem working with your own back end developer.

Cost of services.
Cost varies depending on complexity, size, and time constraint such as in the case of rush jobs. Please contact me for details -- whether or not you need a simple graphic, one-page web page, mini-site design or a fully fleshed site -- my prices are competitive and affordable, and I will work with you to achieve your vision.
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