Joe Elliott of Def Leppard Wears My Logo

So I got an email from Sylvia Lee who is the creator and editor of ZRockR Magazine which reviews rockers and their music. She's a huge fan of KISS and Def Leppard and I believe they have been very impressed by her being a great fan, and rock writer/critic.

She told me that she had a photo of Joe Elliott wearing the logo I designed for ZRockR--which she has had other famous rockers wear and it was a bit of a fun rush to see this intangible piece of art that started off digitally then onto some merchandise and voila--there stood Joe Elliott on stage with a version of the logo I designed. You can see the larger version of that logo in the Logos and Graphics section of my website.

It's moments like that, that are so fun and precious.

Thank you, Joe Elliott! Thank you Sylvia for letting me design your logo!