My Cthulhu Pie has been Takei'd!

I've been Takei'd!!!

Well, it's been real fun watching my Cthulhu Pie make the rounds on the internet and honestly it hasn't really slowed down. I've seen it on pretty popular sites but for some reason when I saw it on George Takei's Instagram, it was a whole other fun ballgame.

So, two years later after having been published, it has caught the attention of George Takei--a celebrity and actor who has inspired me as a kid who was a pretty big Star Trek fan and someone who didn't have many Asian-American role models other than Bruce Lee, and the cartoon Hong Kong Phooey. I know there were others but none really reached me as much as these two figures.

To have that moment of connection was neat and makes me appreciate all the different ways The Universe shows me how I am a part of it and how it always seems to surprise me with little gems.