Curse of Cthulhu

I've had so much fun creating the Chthulhu pie but I have to admit it's frustrating when people have to steal the image.  I can't even begin to start telling you how many times my friends tell me they've seen it "here" or "there" and it's like playing legal whack-a-mole. It's to the point where I almost feel as though I have to just let it off into the collective ether. 

Some people have been very kind in asking for permission to use it and I have no qualms. I never ask for money, only that they give me credit and that's it. It's one of my Andy Warhol moments--it's positive and I've managed to stay out of the pulp for negative reasons.

The pie also reminds me that I should be planning to create something new. The last attempt was for the final episode of Breaking Bad and I created a pretty awesome apple pie for it but I didn't apply the eggwash properly so I ended up with a burnt Walter White. My head was in a different place then though so I try not to be too hard on myself. I've literally exploded creatively in the past two years but wish it would be somewhat unidirectional--it truly has been an explosion. 

I needed it to be more of a controlled demolition but I suppose in time my thoughts will line up a little better and I will be able to gather all my thoughts instead of littering them all over the place.

Anyway, I hope I hear back from the two places where I complained about my friends seeing my Chthulhu pie image being used. *sigh*